Empathy & Compassion

Anandtara has been known amongst its clients as a developer who listens and understands its clients' needs. With a well addressed clientele base, the payment, possession & commissioning policies followed at Anandtara act only as a guiding principle whereas each client is catered to as per his specific requirements & reservations.

Timely Possession

Anandtara has harnessed the virtues of empathy and compassion towards its clients. Hence, we know what a home means to a person and what it has taken him to build one for himself. We have a commitment to each homebuyer and exert every possible effort in delivering a home at the right time with the right sentiments, as was promised.

Post Sale Relations

Anandtara is one of the few developers which boasts of repeat purchases and well addressed customer base in the industry. A dedicated customer relations team handles the process of possession and post possession services as is required for the home buyer.

Quality Policy

Quality Living: Quality is not only in the product that is made, but also in the transaction that takes place and subsequent living experiences. Anandtara is focused on building quality homes along with providing infrastructure to support and encourage community living.